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Welcome to Earth Friendly Group

Earth Friendly Group commenced operations in 2023. Focused purely on providing marketing, accounting and operational services for the companies it owns,  Earth Friendly Group commits to a supreme environmental ethos. 

Alongside ensuring all companies' operations have minimal, if any, negative environmental impact; its owners and staff give up their personal time to support environmental work in the North Devon community.

Our portfolio currently includes:

Earth Friendly Foodware Limited - wholesaler of compostable food & drink "to go" packaging to hospitality

North Devon Soap Limited - handmade organic body wash & shampoo soap bars

Garden Composters Limited - mail order supply of garden composters to homes and businesses

ReFuse & ReUse - mail order supply of homewares to help you become plastic free

Lathered - handmade 2-in-1 solid shampoo & conditioner bars

Ginger Beard Club - handmade organic beard balm

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